Friday, October 12, 2012

Hello Girls!

This past week, Tombow Adhesive Products arrived to our store and for that reason I wanted to make a review about them. I want to start with the new dual function stamp runner permanent adhesive (the blue one), is a solid strip runner and it is refillable. The reason why it's dual function is because its acts as a stamp and as a runner.

To use it as a runner, you just have to glide it across your paper or project as any other glider runner and you will have a continuous line of adhesive.

To use it as a stamp, you hold it up right and press down. This is great for embellishments, buttons and small parts.

I have use it for a couple of projects and I found that it is stronger than the Mono Adhesive Permanent Runner that I used previously. 

Also in the store, is Mono Aqua Liquid Glue (two tips) which is a multipurpose glue. It dries clear and has a super strong hold. The Aqua is like the Mono Multi, except the multi liquid can also be used as a re-positionable adhesive. 

And the Mono Multi Liquid Glue (two tips), this one works great holding small pieces in place as well as large ones. It dries quickly, and the only cons that I saw is that it dries "shiny" so be careful if you place it in a visible spot. Just a small amount is necessary so it last longer than other glues.

Hope you find this useful and I'll post here soon!


  1. I am going to see if I can find the new blue tape gun and try it out, thanks for posting this. Nice to see the comparison :)

  2. thanks for this.. i've always wondered about the Tombow Liquid Glues.

  3. Hi - I've just spent an hour trying to purchase things from your store, but every time i go to check out, a message says something about not having enough for my shipping destination and then something else re shipping. I'm assuming you ship to the UK, as when I registered, you've set up your site to include UK in the drop down menu?
    There seems to be no contact option on your site and I could see no other way to privately contact you - hopefully you'll read this!

  4. I am so sorry that this happened to you and thank you for let us know about the problem. We are going to work that as soon as we can, but on the mean time, if you want, you can give me your order through and I process the order manually. Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

    Thank You
    Nelmarie Rios